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is proud to present a comprehensive three-month Photography and Videography course. Designed for aspiring photographers and videographers, this program aims to provide in-depth knowledge and practical training in the field of visual storytelling.

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Ibis group of educational institutions is an organization that has won the “State of the art education provider” award from the Hon. Governor of Kerala Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan in the year 2021. The award was given on the grounds of implementing international quality standards in continuing education segment and offering American diploma programmes first time in India at a much nominal and affordable cost to students.

International Certificate:
The American diploma

Ibis group of educational institutions is the only accredited provider of IACET(USA) in India. IACET is the subsidiary of American Government’s accreditation body American National Standards Institute. Many premier universities and colleges in America including Michigan state University, Wharton business School, Dearborn university etc. are all accredited by IACET. Hence the graduates of ibis M School up on successful completion of the DVM® (Diploma in Visual Media) programme can make the transfer of credit points to many of these top universities and colleges in America.

We Have Experienced Professionals & We Do Our Best To Achieve Your Goal.

Quality of lectures is certainly the distinguishing factor of ibis M School. The DVM® programme is designed and developed by a team of well experienced professionals and experts in visual media, transcending above the conventional and outdated methods of teaching. The programme director of DVM®, Mr. Soman was the Head of Department of prestigious Pune film institute. Mr. Nandakumar Menon, who is currently the DoP of Qatar Television is the faculty in charge of DVM® programme. The list goes on. Ibis M School ensures that DVM® graduates are proficient enough to handle diverse job roles in visual media sector effectively.

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