Diploma in Visual Media

American Diploma in Visual Media (DVM)® is a trademarked programme launched by Ibis Media School in association with Asianet news. DVM programme is intended to groom world class professionals in the field of Visual Media. Visual media skills cannot be taught but can be learned. Ibis M school always believe in providing our candidates the real-life exposure by a live interaction with experienced industry professionals to ease the process of learning and make the learning experience a wonderful one. Students at ibis M school has got the opportunity to perform their project work with Asianet News digital team and the award-winning projects will be uploaded to the Asianet News Facebook portal.


Course Overview

Ibis Media School, in association with Asianetnews.com, is proud to present a comprehensive three-month Photography and Videography course. Designed for aspiring photographers and videographers, this program aims to provide in-depth knowledge and practical training in the field of visual storytelling.
The course is divided into three months, each focusing on different aspects of photography and videography.

Month 1

Light Up

During this Phase, participants will dive into the world of photography. The curriculum will cover the fundamentals of photography, including composition, lighting techniques, exposure, and camera settings. Students will also receive in-depth lectures on technical aspects, such as understanding camera equipment, lenses, and accessories. Through practical sessions, they will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop their skills in various genres of photography & videography.

Month 2


In the second month, the focus shifts towards building a successful career in the field of photography and videography. Participants will learn effective strategies to earn money and establish themselves as professionals in the industry. Topics covered may include marketing and branding, client management, legal considerations, and various avenues for generating income through their work. Additionally, participants will master the art of post-processing by exploring editing techniques and utilizing AI tools to enhance their visual creations. They will learn how to bring out the best in their photographs and videos through color correction, retouching, and other advanced editing techniques.

Month 3

The Click

Practical Sessions in Various Photography and Videography Genres The third and final month of the course is dedicated to practical sessions in different genres of photography and videography. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios. Some of the genres covered during this month include: Nature and Wildlife, Fashion, Travel, Streets, Products, Lifestyle & Portraits.

This session includes travel to and lodging in some of Wayanad’s most picturesque locales.

Project certificate from ‘Asianet News’

Ibis M School is a highly innovative media school concept conceived by ibis group of educational institutions in association with Asianet news to promote international standards of teaching in the field of visual media. Asianet news is the pioneer in the field of visual media having millions of followers across the world. The interaction with Asianet team and the project certificate after the completion of this programme will give the candidate an exposure that is invaluable and extremely beneficial in their career.

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